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Tension Packaging & AutomationTension Packaging & Automation builds automated packaging systems and equipment for central fill, mail order, specialty pharmacies, and direct-to-the-consumer distribution centers. We offer clients in the prescription and direct-to-the-consumer order fulfillment markets exceptional quality, service, and innovation. Our people bring bold ideas to the table, back them with premium performance, and deliver real value to your business.

Tension Packaging & Automation

Tension Direct can provide your business with a web-to-print solution that combines on-demand printing with the order handling advantages of single-source fulfillment. Your custom graphic templates protect brand trademarks and make it easy to access and order promotional print materials online. Your branches or sales offices will be able to place orders from any location at any time — while you maintain centralized control of the entire process.

TensionDirectOn-demand printing also eliminates constant inventory management and pick-and-pack shipping. Envelopes, stationery, business cards, brochures, product fliers, and more — your latest print items will always be ready to order, personalize, and ship promptly. Contact your Tension Account Executive for more information.

Tension Corporation Begins
Full-Scale Manufacturing of
the Sprint Two-Way Reusable ecoEnvelope®

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Tension Launches New Brand Identity to Highlight Expanded Technology, Services and
Global Presence

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Tension Announces Availability
of Wind Power Energy Credits
for Application to Customer Envelope Manufacturing Orders

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Tension Envelope Enters Agreement To Become
Preferred National Licensee
of ecoEnvelopes

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Solutions and ServicesTension Account Executives offer hands-on experience in envelope graphics, printing, and compliance with postal requirements. This knowledge and expertise will help you create products to optimize your mail, from development to output to recipient response. We constantly look for ways to maximize the value of our products for you and your mailing processes.

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