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Metallic Ink


Metallic Ink

When you only have three seconds to stand out in the mailbox and catch someone’s eye, metallic ink might be just what you’re looking for. ​Metallic ink can turn a direct mail envelope into a marketing machine, driving response with its visual appeal and distinctive characteristics.

Key Features

  • Response-driver
  • Entertains the Eye
  • Aesthetically Appealing
  • Highlights important Design

Excite Your Audience

With metallic ink envelopes for your direct mail audience, you can: ​

  • Create a visually appealing look ​
  • Use spot or full coverage​
  • Distinguish your mailpiece from the rest ​
  • Let your call to action shimmer ​
  • Incorporate the illusion of movement into your design

Metallic Ink Direct Mail Envelopes ​

​Shimmer and shine. Not your average way to describe a mailpiece, but when metallic ink is involved, you aren’t dealing with an average mailpiece.  Strategically place metallic ink on copy or images to create eye-catching aesthetics that will command the recipient’s attention. With a lustrous and unique shine, you are sure to engage mail recipients with a high-end, custom direct mail envelope.  ​

Create Your Masterpiece ​

Metallic ink, sometimes referred to as liquid foil, can add dimension to your mailpiece. When placed on the creative elements of your direct mail envelopes, your marketing message becomes a focal point. For copy, the metallic ink shines to highlight your important offer, call to action or other communication. For images, metallic ink can create the illusion of movement on your design. ​

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