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Custom Printed #9 Envelopes


Custom Printed #9 Envelopes

A Tension return envelope – commonly known as a Business Reply Envelope (BRE), Courtesy Reply Envelope (CRE) or #9 envelope – is designed to remain strong and sturdy during every step of an envelope’s lifecycle. Use a Tension reply envelope to maximize your envelope’s performance and marketing capability. Your cash flow may depend on it.

Key Features

  • Easy Insertability
  • Smooth Remittance
  • Open or Sealed Windows
  • Double Side-Seam Options

Increase Response Rates

It’s simple – reply envelopes help increase response rates. The easier you make it for people to place an order, to donate or to pay a bill, the greater response you’ll receive from your mailing.

In fact, many businesses have found that using a business reply envelope improves their cash flow. Customers tend to mail back their payment more quickly if they don’t have to hunt around for an envelope and a stamp.

Tension’s #9 reply envelopes are designed to insert seamlessly into your outbound envelopes with customer statements, requests for donations and other promotional materials. A reliable reply envelope, like a well-constructed outer envelope, helps maximize the uptime of your insertion process.

Positively Impact Cash Flow

Once the reply envelope comes back to you, quickly extracting its contents helps positively impact your cash flow. Tension’s double side seam construction is highly compatible with automated extraction equipment, designed to remove payments quickly and minimize downtime-causing snags.

But that’s not all double side seams serve a double benefit. Just as the outbound, outer envelope allows an envelope to be a billboard for additional messages to customers, the #9 provides a message board as well. Double side seams maximize the printable space on the envelope’s flipside. Use your #9 to:

  • Advertise an upcoming promotion.
  • Remind customers of an important date.
  • Highlight a key message your company is trying to reinforce.
  • Cross-sell, or feature transpromotional opportunities.

Tension bulk packs your #9s in cartons. This packing process minimizes repetitive motion activity of inserting machine operators, and keeps your insertion process running smoothly.

Double Benefits

Concerned about the environment? Consider using an eco-friendly, all-in-one, two-way envelope that allows consumers to use the same envelope you sent to them as the return envelope. Not only eco-friendly but a cost saver for you too. Tension has many options for you to consider, so please refer to our eco-friendly products here.

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