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Trailing Edge Envelopes


Trailing Edge Envelopes

These “edgy” envelopes deliver standout results. The unique design of the Trailing Edge envelope—with an extended rectangle, circle or other shape on the left edge—are USPS approved and garner immediate attention.

Key Features

  • USPS® approved design
  • Highly customizable
  • Inserter-friendly design
  • Stands out in the mailbox

For results that are truly a cut above, try something different. Trailing Edge envelopes (also called Shape-Out or Shape-Cut envelopes) grab attention with their fun, unexpected, “edgy” shape. The extended rectangle or partial circle on the left edge of the envelope can drive better response rates—and is USPS approved.

The Details

The Trailing Edge envelope has gotten noticed. Not only by customers but by the USPS, who has approved the design.* Learn more about Trailing Edge Envelopes:

  • The envelope has a shape on the trailing edge (to the left of the address)
  • The shape has a welded seam that is die cut into a unique shape to add interest and appeal, especially for Marketing Mail®
  • The envelope must maintain both right angle corners on the trailing edge of the envelope, with the die cut placed at least .3 inches from either corner
  • There is a maximum width of 5/8 inch beyond the defined corners for the diecut shape and a minimum height for the shape of 1 inch

Design Your Trailing Edge Envelope

Consider all the design opportunities. Your unique envelope can incorporate your logo, or catch the recipient’s eye with a sticky note look. Trailing Edge envelopes:

  • Open the door to brand-building design and copy options
  • Attract attention, from a crowded mailbox to that stack of mail on the counter
  • Make your life easier, since Tension can handle the printing and mailing

Results Really Shape Up

Your organization is special. Your envelopes should be too! With Trailing Edge envelopes, you can:

  • Attract more attention, and increased interaction can drive better results
  • Take advantage of all the great design opportunities with the circle or the trailing square. Consider incorporating your logo or a sticky note look.
  • Use Tension’s design services, letting the Tension Design Group manage the artwork

Please contact us to learn more about this unique envelope.

* Always work with your Tension Sales Associate to ensure that designs are up to date in order to be USPS approved.

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