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Drive-In Bank Envelopes


Drive-In Bank Envelopes

Drive home your brand message. Whether you are communicating with your customer through a window or when they walk up to the counter, these envelopes keep your customer’s money secure.

Key Features

  • Easy to Open and Close
  • Use in Pneumatic Tubes
  • Transpromo Messeging
  • Protects Contents

Connect with Customers

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your brand boost when presenting your customer with cash, coins or other valuable information. Visual and tactile, drive-in bank envelopes (DIBs) present the perfect opportunity to share valuable information and reinforce your brand. Specially designed to maximize printing areas, Tension’s drive-in bank envelopes create a “billboard” for your brand or other services. Your drive-in bank envelopes help you connect with customers while keeping their money and information protected.

Designed with the Banking Experience in Mind

A drive-in bank envelope takes a lot of abuse. Bank tellers often communicate with their customers via a microphone from behind a glass window. So the drive-in bank envelope serves as a fundamental tool to both deliver its contents and reinforce your brand message.

With fast-paced transactions and customer interactions, your envelope shouldn’t slow you down. It should be easy to separate, open and close. It must be well constructed, gummed and sealed to keep customers’ money inside the envelope where it belongs.

Swishing through pneumatic tubes on its journey to the customer, your envelope needs to perform, keeping bills and chunky change secure. Once it reaches the customer, it is often placed into a purse or folded into a pocket. When it resurfaces, it must maintain the look and high performance that your customer expects.

Try Tension Design Group

Tension Design Group, Tension’s creative art department, can work with you to create a memorable envelope. Tension’s expertise in envelope production means premium designs no matter your printing or paper selections. Plus, a design from the Tension Design Group is all part of your standard engagement with Tension.

Whether your customer goes through the drive-in lane or walks into your bank, a DIB from Tension can catch your customer’s eye. Tension carries the most popular sizes and styles, including open-end and open-side, flexo and litho, tabbed and untabbed flaps. Contact us to learn more.

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