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Make your outbound and return envelopes part of your multi-channel marketing mix. They present ideal marketing opportunities, yet this valuable real estate frequently goes unused.

What Is Transpromo?

Transpromo, also called cross-promotional, refers to including a secondary message on a bill, courtesy reply (CRE) or other envelope. It may be upselling a current customer to a richer plan or selling a separate good or service. Brand building is a popular application you may choose to add an environmental message that can build customer loyalty and remind customers of why they do business with you.

The Opportunity

Physical and electronic mailboxes are bombarded daily with print and email messages vying for your customer’s attention. A transpromo message allows you to target this audience using the front or back of your billing or statement envelopes as a “billboard” for your messages.

  • Does not add extra weight or require an insert, just additional ink which frequently costs only pennies per thousand.
  • Can encourage collaboration between the marketing department and the mailing operations, sometimes creating an opportunity for marketing to defray a portion of the statement mailing cost. For marketing, a transpromotional opportunity is often significantly less expensive than a separate marketing mailpiece.
  • Ideal for nonprofit mailers, who often find transpromo efforts particularly useful for brand building. A well-placed message on the back of a CRE can reinforce the importance of the donation and the organization’s appreciation.

When creating your transpromotional mailing campaigns, don’t forget the Tension Design Group. Tension’s designers are experts in creating eye-catching envelopes that let your important messages “hitchhike” on the backs of your envelopes and maximize your monthly appointment time with your customers. Tension’s subtle use of paper and ink combined with a great design translates into a positive and lasting impression on your customer.