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How Building Strong Environmental, Social and Governance Policies Makes Good Business Sense

Earth Day, first established on April 22, 1970, is a global reminder to take steps to preserve the earth for future generations. Since its inception, Earth Day has inspired millions worldwide to take action and promote sustainable policies for the protection of our planet. 

Today, our customers expect more than simple promises of good environmental stewardship or social posts on Earth Day from their vendors. Instead, their expectation is that policies, like those at Tension, outline clear and decisive actions that are measured, reported and enforced.

ecovadis bronze

Tension has been proud to incorporate ESG efforts into our everyday activities for decades. Recently, Tension received a bronze medal from EcoVadis, a globally recognized assessment platform that rates businesses’ sustainability using a rigorous review process. This audit illustrates our ongoing commitment to ESG, and the score is one we have worked hard to attain. Here are three cornerstones of our policies: 

  1. Tension has long employed a Lean manufacturing philosophy. Lean manufacturing is a production and management approach focused on minimizing waste while maximizing efficiency and value for the customer.  
    By reducing waste, not only do we improve our manufacturing processes, we boost our sustainability efforts. Furthermore, it places the responsibility with nearly all levels of the organization to identify and employ approaches based in quality assurance. This approach ensures that all Associates are engaged in ESG activities.  
  1. Hire good people. Yes, this does sound obvious. Yet when you start with conscientious and trustworthy Associates, you naturally develop sound policies. Furthermore, adherence to stated governance policies is much simpler. Tension’s employee handbook outlines our policies, and all Associates are asked to acknowledge their receipt and understanding of the expectations of ethical and safe behavior.  
  1. Run to stand still. The saying “the only constant is change” applies here. Sustainability efforts from as recent as last year may not reflect current trends. Adopting a mindset of continuous improvement ensures that we regularly review our policies, documentation and metrics. Working with subject matter experts across the company maintains the open lines of communication that ensures our efforts remain synchronized. 

We hear from our customers that they consider us to be a valuable part of their sustainability efforts. On this Earth Day and every day, we strive to be a trusted supplier and good steward of our environment. There are so many easy ways we can work together to be responsible stewards of the environment.  

If you have questions, let the experts at Tension help. Contact us today to learn more.