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Performance Plus Mail Envelopes


Performance Plus Mail Envelopes

Tension’s patented Performance Plus™ envelopes can help you meet your productivity goals. Performance Plus envelopes help maximize your inserter’s performance and the remittance process of the return payment.

Key Features

  • Maximize Inserter Uptime
  • Side-Seam Construction
  • Contoured Shoulder Angle
  • Efficient Remittance Extraction

Its Beauty Is in Its Design and Delivery

Tension’s Performance Plus envelope lives up to its name as a top performer. This envelope is engineered for excellence in all stages of delivery – at the inserting machine, in the mailstream and during the remittance process. This top-performing envelope shines throughout the envelope’s lifecycle:

  • Designed for premium inserter performance.
  • Tapered side seams minimize potential snagging in the USPS’s automated equipment.
  • Tension accurately and precisely gums the side seams so remittance checks avoid getting stuck in the seams.

Smooth High-speed Insertion = High Productivity

Your productivity depends on keeping the high-speed inserters on your operating floor running. During the insertion process, four key features of a Performance Plus envelope drive its industry-leading performance:

  1. A highly-engineered transition point means that inserts are more likely to be inserted smoothly during the insertion process. Vacuum pickers contact only one layer of paper, and vacuum picker adjustments and readjustments are minimized.
  2. Contoured shoulder angles provide smooth envelope feeding and advancing during the mechanical inserting process. Jams are greatly reduced, increasing your productivity and output.
  3. Its v-throat construction allow inserts to go more smoothly. With straight-throat envelopes, the envelope can jam against the insert all at once. With v-throats, your inserts make contact with the back flap gradually.
  4. The Performance Plus’s side seams are tapered with gum lines that can be extended to the top of the envelope, allowing the inserter’s mechanical fingers to advance the envelope easily and with less risk of snags.

​Once the envelope enters the mailstream, tapered side seams minimize the chance of this envelope being caught in the USPS’s automated equipment, getting your mail in the hands of your customer promptly. Performance Plus’s side seam construction also allows for a marketing message on the flipside of the envelope, giving you the opportunity to maximize a cross-promotional or direct marketing message. 

Process Payments More Quickly

The last stage of an envelope’s life is critical to your financial health. When a Performance Plus envelope is returned for remittance processing, generous side-seam gumming helps keep checks from getting caught in the envelope – which means getting your payments out of the envelope and processed more quickly.

Tension’s patented Performance Plus Envelope is the industry-leading solution for your operating efficiency needs.

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