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DVD & CD Envelopes


DVD & CD Envelopes

Replicators, software developers and distributors turn to Tension for our standard and custom digital media envelopes and packaging products. Easy to use and reliable, Tension paper DVD and CD sleeves are available in custom and stock options.

Key Features

  • Custom and Standard Options
  • Single or Double Disc Envelopes
  • Peel-‘N-Seal, Touch-‘N-Seal Closures
  • Safely Secures and Delivers Your Discs

Deliver CDs and DVDs Safely

Envelopes serve many purposes from providing information to delivering products. Yet in every case, the envelope is expected to deliver its contents safely.

CD sleeves and “wallets” from Tension provide extra protection for compact discs and DVDs. Often an economical alternative to hard plastic cases, Tension’s CD envelopes are available in custom and stock options.

Multiple Configurations for Off-the-Shelf or Custom Projects

Tension brings its expertise in envelope design and manufacturing, and our award-winning printing to your business in the digital media industry. For the immediate needs of replicators, software developers and software distributors, Tension offers a line of in-stock standard envelope styles. Complete design, printing and manufacturing of custom sleeving and digital media mailing products are available for special projects.

Offerings include standard products for the replication market and custom multi-color products for CD mailings and special product distributions. Tension also manufactures combo packaging for discs and special bind-in or mountable options. Available configurations are:

Standalone Paper CD Jackets

  • Flush Cut Paper CD Envelope and DVD Envelope – White 24 lb. paper or 8pt. paper, outside side-seams and smooth transition points for easy inserting. 4-7/8”x5” with flush throat. For single discs.
  • Standard Paper CD and DVD Envelope – Similar to the Flush Cut envelope, but with a top flap which can be folded down and ¼” throat. White 24 lb. paper or 8pt. paper, outside side-seams and smooth transition points for easy inserting. 4-7/8”x5” with ¼”throat. For single discs.
  • Double CD and DVD Envelope – Holds two discs in one compact package. 28 lb. white wove. 5 1/16th x 5 1/16th.

Bind-in Paper CD Jackets

  • Perfect CD Single Bind-in – ½” trim edges for either head or foot positioning at the binder, rip-ope for easy opening, Touch-‘N-Seal® flap gum, glued false bottom. 5-1/8” x 6-1/2”, 100lb tag, 28 lb white wove. For single discs.
  • Perfect Dual Side-by-side CD Bind-in – Peel-‘N-Seal flap closure, linear perforation, Rip-Ope for easy opening. 8-1/4” x 11-5/16”, 10pt. For two discs.
  • CD and DVD Bind-in Envelope – Special pocket protects disc from bin or trim edges, Touch-‘N-Seal flap gum option, linear perforation, glued false bottom. 5-3/4” x 7-3/4”, 28 lb. white wove. For single discs.

Mountable CD Jackets

  • Mountable CD and DVD Envelope – Touch-‘N-Seal flap gum and Peel-‘N-Seal mounting options. 4-7/8” x 5”, 24 lb. white wove. For single discs.

Single CD Mailer

  • Automated letter mailer – Meets current USPS specifications for sending discs at automated rates, lued pocket holds a CD (by itself or in a paper sleeve) at the top edge of the mailer, Touch-‘N-Seal closing and Rip-Ope opening. 9″ x 5.875″, .014” SBS.

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