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Sticky Notepads


Sticky Notepads

Make a lasting impression long after your important meeting with the gift of sticky notepads. These small pads of sticky notepaper can serve as a big reminder of your brand. And with the number of customization options available, you have plenty of ways to explore which one represents you best.

Key Features

  • Creates connection
  • Brand building
  • Stands out
  • Personalization options

Make it Stick

  • Customize a sticky notepad with a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and paper stocks.
  • Give each sheet within the pad a unique message.
  • Choose your own adhesion level.
  • Personalize with your brand name for maximum awareness.

Sticky Notepad Connections

You’ve likely used sticky notes to mark important documents, tag helpful pages in manuals or even as a brainstorming tool on the wall of a conference room. But have you ever used them as a promotional product gift to an important prospect after a meeting? Sticky notepads are a good way to stay in touch after the meeting is over: You can customize them with your logo or marketing messages that highlight your brand strengths. Create a connection that can stick around long after your meeting is over with sticky notepads.

Custom Sticky Notepads

Looking for a different way to stand out among your competitors (and possibly earn a place on the desk of your important prospect)? Opt for sticky notepads! Sticky notepads are available in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and paper stocks. You can print your logo or a message on them, and they even offer options with different levels of adhesion depending on preference. No matter how you design your custom sticky notepad, you have multiple opportunities to create one as unique as your brand.

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