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custom photo envelope

Custom Photo Envelopes

custom photo envelope

Custom Photo Envelopes

As a pioneer in the development of photo envelopes, Tension helped engineer many of the features on photo envelopes as we now know them.

Key Features

  • Display Window Options
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Paper Choices
  • Latex Seals

Industry-Leading Design and Manufacturing

From school portraits to wedding pictures, Tension’s photo envelopes preserve memories and keep photographs safe. Since the origin of the photo envelope’s popularity, Tension has led the industry in designing and manufacturing the photo envelope while perfecting some of the features we know today. Tension continues to produce photo storage solutions for some of the nation’s largest retailers.

Your photo envelopes need to make both a visual and functional impact. The first time your customer opens the picture envelope, it is with great anticipation and excitement. They return to open it again and again to revisit memories. Make a lasting impact on your customers by creating an envelope that impacts the user’s tactile experience – choose coated stock, textured paper or even a whimsical feature. A unique envelope can communicate to the recipient, even subconsciously, that they are about to view some important memories and keepsakes. Capitalize on the opportunity and build your brand image.

Created for Repeated Use and Storage

Of course, the envelope has to function well and withstand repeated use. The envelope will be opened and closed many times over and must be easy to re-secure. Tension photo envelopes are designed for that kind of performance. Tension’s latex seals are easy to open; they are evenly and aesthetically applied. Not only do they function well, Tension creates unique photo packages that both catch the eye and secure the contents safely inside the envelope. It is not uncommon for photographs to be stored in the envelope for years, so a well-designed and eye-catching envelope can make a lasting positive impression. Numerous Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) awards have been awarded to Tension for its photo storage envelopes, recognizing Tension’s printing and technical expertise.

School Portrait Envelopes That Shine

In addition to manufacturing photo envelopes for retail or online chains, Tension creates photo envelopes designed specifically for delivering school portraits. For some, picture day is a memorable right of passage. Carefully selected outfits, impeccably groomed hairstyles, meticulously perfected smiles become elements of a moment in time that is forever captured.

Create an envelope that enriches the experience of the parent or student when receiving and selecting which picture to purchase or how many prints they should buy. Proof envelopes are typically 9×12 and feature a large window on the front, allowing the student’s portrait to shine through. These envelopes can also include enhancements like TEN Groove embossing so the envelope can stand out and be noticed, even on a crowded kitchen countertop or desktop pile. With so many options and features, contact a Tension Account Executive to create a photo envelope as meaningful as the photos inside.

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