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Your Partner in Progress

A global leader in envelope, printed products, packaging and packaging automation solutions, the Tension Corporation is a privately held and operated company based in Kansas City, Missouri. Tension manufactures billions of envelopes annually and their envelope and printed products division serve a variety of industries, including third-party billing, financial, insurance and direct marketing. The packaging and automation division of Tension provides software, consumables, automation and service and support for fulfillment to the e-commerce and pharmaceutical industries.

In 2011, Tension rebranded itself from Tension Envelope Corporation to Tension Corporation, reflecting its expanding presence in packaging and automation as well as its increasing footprint in international operations. Today, Tension’s three divisions are Envelope & Print, Packaging & Automation, and International.

Excellence in Envelopes

Tension has grown to become the second-largest domestic envelope manufacturer. Known for its innovative envelope solutions, services and environmentally responsible options, it holds more patents on products and processes than all of the other envelope manufacturers combined. Tension makes many of the envelopes you receive and handle daily, including direct mail envelopes, financial transaction envelopes, packaging envelopes and business communication products. Working with customers to deliver quality products, as well as to improve existing products and processes, is core to Tension’s culture.

Packaging & Automation and International Divisions

With its long history of adapting to the changing needs of its customers, Tension entered the automated packaging industry in the early 2000s. Tension Packaging & Automation serves customers in the Internet order fulfillment business, and builds and equips mail order, central fill, and specialty pharmacies. This division provides automation solutions, software, consumables and support services.

Tension International operates in China and Taiwan. Tension Corporation began its overseas operations more than 20 years ago and continues to meet the needs of its regional customers today.

Looking Toward Tomorrow

Tension is enjoying its fourth generation of family leadership and maintains active roles in its associated industries. With its long and successful history, Tension is prepared to meet the challenges of today and the future. Tension recognizes the complexities of today’s business requirements, and understands the need to control costs, increase productivity and grow your organization. Your company needs bold strategies and strong business partners that make measurable contributions to your progress. Tension can be your partner in progress.