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Bangtail Envelopes


Bangtail Envelopes

Put your offer right where your customer cansee it: attached to the envelope itself. Bangtail envelopes (also called hot potato, hitchhiker envelopes or coupon envelopes) are self-contained marketing vehicles that include a detachable coupon directly on the envelope.

Key Features

  • Perforated Edge for Easy Removal
  • Ideal for Fundraising
  • Detachable Tab
  • Can Include Multiple Coupons For Different Offers

Tension’s “Hot Potato” Hitchhiker Envelope Displays Your Offer

Don’t let your offer get overlooked by using a buck slip or insert, trust a Tension bangtail, or “Hot Potato,” to deliver your marketing offer.

Custom Bangtail Envelopes

  • Useful to nonprofit organizations, making it easy for the recipient to respond to a donation request
  • Choice of single, double, or triple perforated coupons
  • The bangtail is easy to remove and place inside the return envelope.

Put Your Message Front and Center with Perforated Bangtail Envelopes

To increase the likelihood of getting the response you want from your direct mail, try putting your important message or offer where it will be seen and read. With a Tension bangtail envelope, or “Hot Potato,” you can do just that.

Your message is printed directly onto a special perforated flap attached to the envelope. Instead of a loose stuffer that can be easily discarded or overlooked, your offer or request is right at your customer’s fingertips – burning their fingers like a “Hot Potato.”

Tension has the capability to create single or multiple flaps. The perforated flap(s) can be a:

  • Promotional coupon
  • Order form
  • Feedback survey
  • Other response vehicle

Increase Response Rates

Bangtail envelopes are popular with commercial direct mailers to increase response rates. When attached to a reply envelope, the “Hot Potato” extension must be handled by the recipient in order to use the envelope. This increases the likelihood of a response, making the Hot Potato envelope a results-oriented tool for getting the response you want.

Financial marketers know the selling power of envelopes for new checking or savings accounts, promoting credit cards, selling loans of all types or bringing in inquiries about their other financial services. Bangtail envelopes eliminate the need for separate inserts. Your offer, incentive, order blank, shipping label and return envelope can all be incorporated into one, easy-to-use unit making a response fast and convenient.

Nonprofit entities frequently utilize bangtail envelopes for fundraising solicitations and requests for information. Direct mail for nonprofits is a crucial element of successful integrated marketing. A Tension Hot Potato makes the return form easy for donors to send back. Because the offer or request for information is made right on the envelope, the required responses or order forms stay together for convenient use by your customer or prospect.

Customize to Meet Your Needs

Tension “Hot Potato” bangtail envelopes come in different sizes, styles and shapes. Some have one perforated coupon, others have two or even three. Choose between a regular flap or remittance style flap. Sizes range from 3 1/2” x 5” to booklet size. Whatever your requirement, Tension has a size and style to fit your need.

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