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Hot Note® Sticky Note Envelopes


Hot Note® Sticky Note Envelopes

Catch the consumer’s eye and pack a punch with this little note that carries a big message. An innovative involvement device, the Hot Note® can boost readership and response to direct mailings.

Key Features

  • Built in Self Stick Note
  • Engage the Reader
  • Customizable Size & Shape
  • Easy to Remove and Reposition

Tension’s Hot Note features a repositional sticky-note that can be removed from the envelope and kept for later. Printed in your choice of size, shape and color, this built-in sticky-note can increase response rates by up to 60 percent over plain direct mail envelopes. Hot Notes allow you to:

  • Make it easy for the recipient to respond to your offer.
  • Incorporate a message behind the sticky note, visible through a display window.
  • Create a long-term, visual reminder for the reader.
  • Customize based on your direct mail offering.

Remind Your Customers of Important Details

The sticky note is easy to recognize. It shouts “Pay Attention!” and is a reminder of an item on your to-do list. On your computer monitor, the refrigerator or even your car’s dashboard, a sticky note conveniently reminds you of an important task.

With the Hot Note, a self-stick note or repositional note (RPN) is built right into the face of the envelope. It is perforated for easy removal and retention. Created with your message in mind, the Hot Note can be customized and personalized to meet the needs of your business.

Increase Your Envelope’s Chances of Getting Opened

Including an interactive element to your outer envelope helps increase the chance your envelope is opened, which then impacts the likelihood your offer will be successful. A Hot Note demands to be read, removed and saved as a reminder. They often outlast the rest of the mailing and extend the value of your offer or information.

Once removed from the envelope, the Hot Note sticks to most surfaces, and just like a regular sticky-note it will attach to a fridge, monitor or calendar. Tests have shown that a self-stick, repositionable note on a mailpiece garners a higher response rate and responses keep coming in weeks after mailings arrive.

Convenient and creative, this exciting variation on the RPN product adds high value. If you’re looking for a unique way to increase personalization, involve consumers and boost response, Hot Note is your answer. Contact Tension to learn more about how this inventive device can add impact and irresistible interest to your transactional or direct mail.

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