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Sim-Pull® Tab Mail Envelopes


Sim-Pull® Tab Mail Envelopes

Perk up your direct mailings with pull-tab envelopes. The Sim-Pull features a pull-tab to make it easy for consumers to quicklyview your message or special offer. Available in many sizes and styles, the Sim-Pull envelope pulls in direct mail responses.

Key Features

  • Attention Grabber
  • Easy Insertion
  • Window Options
  • Custom Sizes

Custom Pull Tab Envelopes

Like its name, the Sim-Pull envelope is simple. Your envelope’s contents are inserted as with any other envelope, then the recipient has the choice to open the envelope from the top or with the intriguing, side-opening device.

  • Incorporate a Sim-Pull tab into your overall graphic design for eye-catching appeal.
  • Involve the recipient with the envelope, increasing the chances your offer will be read.
  • Give your direct mailing campaign a refresh.

Improve Your Mailing’s Performance

An envelope with pull can give you real clout in the market place. The inviting Sim-Pull® pull-tab accomplishes the toughest hands-on job any envelope can do – get opened. Take hold of the Sim-Pull envelope opening system. When every response is important, let a Sim-Pull envelope improve your direct mailing’s performance.

The Sim-Pull envelope encourages consumers to open the envelope from the side using an unusual opening device that arouses curiosity. The envelope features a pull-tab placed at the end of your outgoing direct mail envelope. It’s an interactive device that makes it easy for consumers to immediately view your important message or special offer. A gentle pull pops the envelope open and leads the consumer inside. Contents are then out of the envelope and into their hands to be read and acted upon.

Not only does the prominent pull-tab intrigue the receiver, it encourages them to open the envelope for your message. The extended pull-out flap also provides extra advertising and merchandising space.

Join the other Tension customers who have discovered the power of Tension’s Sim-Pull envelope to help generate more responses for their direct marketing mailings. It is a proven response booster. The Sim-Pull’s pull-tab:

  • Sparks interest.
  • Stimulates involvement.
  • Gets the envelope opened.

And, Sim-Pull is just one of the many incredibly effective involvement devices Tension has designed to make your mailings more rewarding. Your recipient typically decides whether to open your envelope in thirty seconds – make that time count with a Tension Sim-Pull envelope. Contact Tension to learn how the Sim-Pull and other involvement opening devices can help you perk up your direct marketing mailings and garner greater response rates.

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