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Leave your direct mail recipients something to talk about with an attractive, intriguing finish. A finish can range from shimmer – like iridescent, sheens, pearlescents,  iriodins, glitters, matte varnishes and gloss varnishes to UV coatings, textured grits, sandpaper and soft to the touch effects…leaving your recipient with a lasting impression.​

Key Features

  • Visually Intriguing
  • Add Dimension to Images
  • Enhance Important Copy
  • Texturally Appealing

Direct Mail Envelope Finishes ​

​A finish can give your mailpiece the attention it deserves. ​

  • Engaging your recipients with an interesting look and/or feel.
  • Options for spot or full coverages.
  • Lends you endless creative possibilities to help designs POP!

Looking for a way to let your marketing message shine? Leave your recipients a strong call to action with a special finish. It can shine with a shimmer-like iridescent, sheen, pearlescent, iriodin, glitter or gloss. Or, highlight an ideal image (how about a beautiful, warm beach scene?!) with a sandpaper finish to help transport your mail recipient to another place. ​

Envelope Finishes Start the Conversation

A direct mail marketing envelope can be the first impression you have with new customers. Leave a lasting impression with a special coating or finish to highlight your design or copy. Because finishes offer so much creative freedom, finishing options can be combined for aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s a grit texture combined with a UV gloss or a flood pearlescence with a spot of glitter, know you can let your creative shine with direct mail envelope finish options.

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