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Sustainable & Recycled Paper


Sustainable & Recycled Paper

Your sustainability efforts make a positive impact not only on the environment, but also on your customers. Tension proudly manufactures envelopes made with papers from forests and mills practicing responsible forestry, as well as a broad choice of recycled papers, window films and inks.

Key Features

  • Eco-Options
  • CoC Papers
  • Recycled Paper Options
  • Environmental Commitment

Weigh Your Options

When opting for an envelope manufactured with sustainable paper, don’t sacrifice the appeal and quality of your mailing. Tension Sales Associates can discuss the many options available that allow you to reduce your environmental impact while promoting your public image as a good steward of the environment.

Paper for Sustainable Envelopes

Make your envelope memorable by communicating clear messages of sustainability through words, logos or images. Options include:

  • Recycled, chain-of-custody and certified paper
  • Logos that indicate the use of wind credits, Tension’s water-based ink, or window film
  • Printed reminder to recycle the envelope

Certified Paper Options You Can Trust

An envelope made from sourcing certified, chain-of-custody paper (CoC) or recycled-content paper helps you communicate your commitment to the environment with every mailing. Tension holds several certifications, allowing you to choose a sustainable paper while feeling confident that your envelopes will perform during insertion, mailing and remittance processes.

  • SFI® Sourcing Certified: With its commitment to sustainable paper harvesting, Tension is dedicated to the sustainability of the paper and converting industries. Tension is SFI® Sourcing Certified for envelope manufacturing under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
  • FSC® CoC Standards Compliant: Tension meets the CoC standards for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC requires rigorous chain-of-custody standards for paper made with fiber from FSC certified forests.

Recycled Envelopes That Pop

In addition to these certified papers, Tension also offers a full range of recycled papers that support the Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. mantra. These envelopes are manufactured from high-quality white recycled papers, readily available in roll form directly from major mills.

Add some color to your recycled-paper envelope with the “Tension Tint.” A Tension-tinted envelope starts with a white paper then ink is applied during the manufacturing process. It provides a more economical solution to the colored recycled stocks on the market, which sell at premium prices. Recycled papers with a “brown-bag” appearance are also available.

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