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Extra Large 10×13 Envelopes


Extra Large 10×13 Envelopes

Whether you are looking for extra protection or extra room, a 10×13 mailing envelope from Tension helps your envelope stand out in the mailbox or on a desk. These sturdy, large envelopes are designed to ensure maximum protection of the important information inside and are built to handle catalogs, insurance documents or other items that cannot be folded.

Key Features

  • Center-Seam or Side-Seam
  • Protects Bulky Correspondence
  • Gummed, Peel N’Seal or Touch N’ Seal® Closures
  • Sturdy Construction

A History of Flexibility

Do your extra-large contents need envelopes with extra room? Tension is up for the task. In fact, it’s where we got our start.

The Tension Tie envelope, from which the company took its name, was developed because of a need by customers for a mailing, filing and packaging envelope that was reusable, could securely hold bulky documents, and could easily be inspected by postal officials. When the envelope is closed and the string is twisted around the button on the back of the envelope, the contents are securely held under “tension.”

Today, Tension’s envelope expertise spans from very small to very large envelopes. A Tension Account Executive will work closely with you to understand your envelope requirements, then recommend a design to maximize your mailing’s potential.

Built Tough

Larger envelopes can be either an open-end or open-side design with either center or side-seam construction, giving your mailing the strongest protection. They are built to handle the mailing of bulky items that cannot be folded. Wide, sturdy side seams and heavily gummed seal flaps ensure maximum protection under the most rugged conditions. Options like Tension’s Peel ‘N Seal or latex Touch-‘N-Seal® can be selected for the flap as well, allowing you to choose the feature which makes the most sense for your mailing.

Mailed items often include:

  • Catalogs that fit a 10×13 envelope
  • Insurance information
  • Medical files
  • X-ray folders

Make a Statement Inside or Outside the Mailstream

Large-size mailing pieces and envelopes more often pull better returns than smaller packages. Marketing folders, fliers or product packaging with an extra-large message often require larger envelopes or they can demand more refined packaging. In the mail, larger envelopes command attention and convey an air of importance to both the mailing and the offer inside. When your mailing directly impacts your sales efforts, design an envelope that is as important as what’s inside.

Tension’s envelopes don’t always go through the mailstream. When sharing private information in an office setting, 10 by 13 and other large envelopes are the perfect carrier. Your options are plenty. Choose privacy tints, a latex, or peel and stick closure, your logo or other dramatic graphics to reinforce your brand image, even internally. Choose color options like white, brown kraft, manilla and more.

Tension Design Group’s Expertise

Whatever your envelope needs, Tension Design Group can help through the sometimes difficult and always critical design phase. Not only is its creativity unsurpassed, but it’s also an expert at creating exciting designs that perfectly fit the capabilities of envelope printing equipment. Whether you require economical flexographic printing or four-color lithography, Tension envelope printing has the crispness and clarity associated with the very finest examples of the printer’s art. Ask us about bulk orders and pricing for 10 x 13 envelopes.

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