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continuous forms

Continuous Forms for Your Mailpieces

continuous forms

Continuous Forms for Your Mailpieces

A staple for direct mailers, continuous forms enable the creation of high volume, high impact forms that are inserted into your direct mail piece.

Key Features

  • Invoices or Direct Mail
  • ½” or 3/8” Pin Feed Holes
  • Rolled or Fan Folded
  • Lithographic Printing

Leverage Tension’s Lithographic Printing Capabilities for Your Forms

Continuous forms are a staple for direct mailers and provide a streamlined solution for printing inserts, letters, invoices and billing statements. Often inserted into a #10 envelope, Tension forms:

  • Are printed on a roll then rewound according to your specifications – 1UP, 2UP, with or without pin feed holes are a few of the options.
  • Feature expert lithographic printing of your form, which you can later personalize with recipient-specific information like address or billing history.
  • Can be designed to include a custom affixed card, magnet or label during the inline printing process for later personalization.
  • Finished product can be delivered in rolling position.

The Many Uses of Continuous Forms – Invoices and Ordering

Aside from direct mail, there are everyday uses for continuous forms. Forms can be used for ordering and invoicing, and can be printed on a roll to be cut or printed by the customer. The most common size is 18”x11” with other options.

Contact Us Today

Tension has strengthened its continuous forms offerings. Tension’s King of Prussia facility can expertly print a variety of sizes and substrates, affix cards and labels, and deliver lithographic forms with your preferred folding and cutting options.

Contact an expert at Tension today to see how you can benefit from our continuous forms.

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