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Custom Printed #10 Business Envelopes

Custom Printed #10 Business Envelopes

Tension’s standard #10 is anything but. While your business correspondence may serve a variety of purposes, one thing is constant: Your envelope has to perform well and make a good impression.

Key Features

  • Insertability
  • Opening Devices
  • Display Windows
  • Side-Seam or Diagonal-Seam

First Impressions Matter

When you sort through your mail you immediately, even subconsciously, begin to assign priorities. Some pieces you will open and read immediately, others you decide can wait, and still others will never be opened and read.

Now ask yourself a very important question. How did you decide which pieces of mail were important? Which were throwaways?

Before you open any piece of mail you make a crucial decision about its importance just from the envelope’s first impression. This includes non-advertising as well as advertising mail. The envelope can either make you receptive to what’s inside… Or it can turn you off. The envelope, any envelope, has a very valuable image-building function. The use of different envelope papers, colors, designs and envelope styles says a lot about who you are. The first impression your customers and prospects receive is often from your outer envelope.

A Trusted Partner

Most envelopes that travel through the mailstream are #10 in size. At Tension, we’ve spent more than a century manufacturing envelopes and creating custom features and improvements to make each envelope an active, successful part of your mailing package. We create envelopes that shout, lure, entice and bring a respondent inside. We use materials, colors, graphics, windows, appealing textures and opening devices that have a knack to working their way to the top of the stack, leaving lesser envelopes untouched and unopened.

The science of envelope design tells us an envelope has to make an impression in three seconds to stay in the hands of the recipient and out of the recycling bin. Because customers’ perceptions of your company are so important, so are your outer envelopes. Like a well-dressed salesperson, your envelope is making an impression. And Tension can help you maximize the marketing and operational potential of your envelopes. Work with an experienced partner you can trust.

Quality Construction for High Performance

When it comes to the envelope’s construction, Tension understands the importance of the envelope’s performance to your business. As the most common statement and direct-mailing envelope size, it is critical that your #10 envelopes work in sync with your inserters. We create envelopes that machine-insert with ease. That withstand the rigors of the mailing process. That hold up to the remittance process and facilitate the payment process. Tension understands the role that a simple envelope plays in the financial health of your business. 

With a #10 envelope from Tension, your options are limited only by your creativity.

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