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Peel and Reveal Mailpieces


Peel and Reveal Mailpieces

Elevate your ho-hum mailpiece to an engaging and interactive piece. Tension’s Peel and Reveal may look like a simple postcard, but then recipient peels back a thin layer of adhesive paper to reveal a second message about your company and products.

Key Features

  • Attracts Attention
  • Engages the Reader
  • Tactile Interaction
  • Personalization Possible

I spy a treasure trove of opportunities – a wealth of ways you can effectively reach your harried, hurried audience.

  • Peel and Reveal provides an additional area for your message and graphics.
  • Can be more interesting than a standard mailpiece.
  • USPS-approved for Automation Letter Rates.

Rise to the Top

You know better than we do that every piece of mail you send is competing for attention. A recipient’s mailbox can be filled with bills, statements and direct mail. It’s up to you to stand out.

Our Peel and Reveal is unique. It lets you or your agency have a little fun – add an element of surprise or some clever language and you have a mailpiece that your prospect will linger over.

Business-Building Design

There’s an easy way to capitalize on direct marketing trends like this peel-away business mailing. Tap into the talents of the Tension Design Group. We combine industry expertise with irresistible creativity for designs that capture your brand essence and your customers’ attention.

Want to know more about Tension and our direct mail efforts? Trust Tension for:

  • Custom envelopes
  • Direct mail
  • Print on demand
  • Printed communications

Contact Us Today

Tension can expertly print a variety of sizes and options that are catered to your mailing needs.

Contact an expert at Tension today to see how you can benefit from our Peel & Reveal mailpieces.

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