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Ensure you’re getting the most out of your window envelopes

Windows are a multipurpose, functional part of the envelope that can be customized to fit your mailing needs. At Tension, we understand the importance of choosing the right window placement and film. We are proud to offer innovative window options and window film materials designed specific to your application. Whether it be high-speed inserting, packaging or high-heat print environments, Tension has a window film to meet your needs.

Window envelopes are incredibly versatile, serving multiple functions. For display purposes, such as envelopes containing school photos or important certificates, the clarity and resilience of the window film are paramount. The film needs to protect and display the envelope’s contents, but it must also withstand any in-house variable printing that may happen after the fact.

For mailing purposes, the window plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient sorting and delivery by the US Postal Service. The window film needs to remain intact and clear, so that addresses are legible even after going through various environmental stresses during transit. Tension offers multiple window film options for your specific mailing needs.

Tension’s high-performance Solid Seal® gumming is a standard technology used to seal the window patch to the envelope. Solid Seal gumming is distributed evenly around the edge of the window opening, as opposed to the spot glue method. This patch material is applied to the envelope securely, evenly and without wrinkles, ensuring jam-free inserting on your production floor.

Unlike typical window patch materials found on most envelopes, Tension offers window film that is engineered to be heat safe. With this specialized window film, you can prevent common issues like warping and blurring. This makes the window film ideal for high-heat digital printing applications.

Our window film is constructed to be robust, maintaining its integrity and clarity from the point of sending to receipt. When ordering window envelopes, there are two critical considerations:

  1. Heat Safety for Variable Printing: Digital and high-heat printing processes require windows that can withstand high temperatures without damage.
  2. Durability: Depending on the use, the strength and resilience of the window film need to be considered. The film should resist tearing and environmental damage to keep the contents secure and visible.

Choosing the right window material for your envelope can significantly impact the effectiveness of your communication and the safety of your mailed items. With Tension, you get a product tailored for the toughest conditions — a clear choice for anyone needing reliable, high-performance envelopes. Contact us today, and an expert at Tension can help give your mailings a professional edge that stands the test of time and temperature.