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One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.  

Haptics, or the perception of an object by touch, is something marketers can use to their advantage when attempting to engage their audiences with direct mail.

Unlike its digital counterparts, a mailpiece is physical and often constructed from paper. Depending on the paper grade and potential technique applied to the paper, the haptics as experienced by the mail recipient can offer distinction to a mailpiece.

Embossing is one such technique that can affect the haptics of a direct mailpiece. Let’s take a deeper look at an embossed envelope.

What are Embossed Envelopes?

Embossing is where a die or metal plate stamps an image onto the paper during the printing process, slightly raising the paper and resulting in a three-dimensional, textured surface. Envelopes can be embossed overall where the entire surface is textured, or spot embossed where texture is created in specific areas, such as a logo or promotional copy.

Embossed Envelope Benefits

Embossed envelopes offer recipients something tactile, interesting, and provides your mailpiece with:

  • Distinction – Embossed envelopes give your mailing a not-so-ordinary look and feel.
  • Customization – Change the entire look and feel of your mailpiece with an overall embossed pattern like bubbles, grooves or leatherette. Or highlight one or more areas with spot embossing.
  • Creativity – There are many patterns to choose from for overall embossing, and in some cases can be used to support your design objectives.
  • Elegance – Adding texture can add a sophisticated appearance to your mailpiece.

Who Needs Embossed Envelopes?

Embossed envelopes are ideal solutions for marketers looking to boost response, and potentially those looking for creative ways to save on their mail campaigns – the USPS Tactile, Sensory and Interactive Mailpiece Engagement promotion offers discounts to mailers who incorporate specialty inks, paper or interactive elements in their mailpiece, and lists embossing as an approved technique.

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