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Sticky note capabilities are at the intersection where Print Marketing and Direct Mail meet. Luckily, Tension has two solutions that will help your message stick with your customers or prospects; Sticky Notepads and Hot Note® Sticky Note envelopes. Sticky Notepads, are highly customizable and can feature variable print messaging on individual notes within the pad. The Hot Note® encourages your recipient to interact with the envelope longer than a plain envelope, and longer interaction can lead to a higher likelihood of your direct mail piece being opened. In this blog, we will explore these two products and highlight their key features. 

Sticky notepads are promotional products that can be used to boost your brand awareness or be used internally as giveaways. Sticky notepads are available in many different colors, shapes, sizes and even levels of adhesion. They can even feature variable print messaging on individual notes within the pad. No matter how you design your custom sticky notepad, you have multiple opportunities to create one as unique as your brand. 

Tension sticky notepad

Create a connection that can stick around long after your meeting is over with customizable sticky notepads.   

  • Customizable: Change the color, text, size, images or adhesion level to suit your needs.  
  • Creates connection: Leave a lasting, physical reminder of you and your brand.  
  • Brand building: Include a logo or company tagline to further market your brand.  
  • Personalization options: Mix things up with variable print messages on the notepad.  
  • Stands out: Leave behind a useful gift for your prospect’s desk. 

The Hot Note® envelope features a removable sticky note, or repositional note (RPN), built right into the face of the envelope that can be printed and cut into a variety of shapes. It is perforated for easy removal and retention. The note can then be reaffixed to computer screens, refrigerators, cabinets – wherever the recipient wants to put this convenient reminder. The Hot Note® can be created on all typical envelope sizes. 

Sticky Note Envelopes

Created with your message in mind, the Hot Note® can be customized to meet the needs of your business.  

  • Customizable Size & Shapes: Lending institutions can use house-shaped sticky notes as a clever way to advertise home loans. 
  • Reveals: Clear film can be placed behind the Hot Note® so the recipient sees a second message once they remove the Hot Note®. 
  • Colors: The Hot Note® comes in a variety of colors 
  • Easy to Remove and Reposition: Once removed from the envelope, the Hot Note® sticks to most surfaces, and just like a regular sticky-note it will attach to a fridge, monitor or calendar.   

The Tension Design Group provides industry-leading designs that capture your brand essence. Tension provides this service as part of our standard engagement with customers. Under the guidance of your Tension Account Executive, Tension’s graphic designers can work directly with your marketing department or agency to meet your branding and direct mail goals. Tension’s attention to detail and close collaboration ensures that your envelopes carry your brand and message, while successfully maintaining their quality throughout the mailing lifecycle.    

Want to learn more? Contact us today to start creating your customized Sticky Notepad or Hot Note envelope with the help of the Tension Design Group. 

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