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recent survey revealed that 55% of U.S. consumers have significant concerns about the environmental impact of product packaging. Responsibly sourced paper products like Tension’s recyclable padded mailer can help satisfy changing demands, while also offering flexibility in both design and functionality.

Here are three reasons to use a recyclable padded mailer in 2023:

Reason #1: Sustainability

As e-commerce sales increase, consumers — younger generations in particular — are paying closer attention to how these purchasing trends affect the environment. More than half of Gen Z and Millennials surveyed say that sustainability factors into their purchasing choices.

In fact, many of those surveyed say they have made an effort to verify sustainability claims made on packaging or in advertising in the last six months. Tension’s padded mailer checks out. Tested to be recyclable, it is produced from 100% sustainably sourced fiber and is SFI certified.

Reason #2: Design Opportunity

Tension’s padded mailer combines a unique expansive material between layers of kraft paper. Not only is the cushioned package highly resilient, but it also offers a blank slate to unleash creativity and stand out.

Merchants can choose from 1-color, black and 1-color, 4-color process or spot color printing to illustrate a logo, transpromotional messaging — or even to highlight their sustainability pledge.  

Reason #3: Flexibility & Ease

The open-end, peel & seal padded mailer is designed for easy packing, which can help improve efficiencies. Furthermore, its lightweight and flexible design helps shippers save money and is available in several dimensions including: 6 x 9”, 11 x 9”, 11 x 15” and 13 x 18”. 

The demand for more eco-friendly practices is only growing. As organizations look to reduce their carbon footprint, a more holistic approach to sustainability will be key. From processes to packaging, and everything in between, consumers will be paying attention in the new year. Adopting products like Tension’s padded mailer is a great first step to improving sustainability.

Contact us to learn more about SFI qualifications, sustainability traits and more.

Tension remains committed to sustainability, our customers and meeting their needs for sustainability in their business, whether it’s consolidating orders into smaller packages or switching to sustainable packaging. Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization reach your sustainable packaging solutions.