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Customer Inventory Management Website


Customer Inventory Management Website

Tension’s Inventory Management Website allows you to control your inventory. Your personalized inventory information can be securely accessed via computer, allowing you to check inventory, release stock and schedule delivery with just clicks of a mouse.

Key Features

  • Secure, Online System
  • Quick Access
  • Just-in-Time Shipping
  • Inventory Information

Pre-ordering larger quantities of your repeat-use envelopes can make financial sense – it helps you control your envelope spend and ensures you have stock on hand when you need it. Yet storing the unused envelopes can erode your resources and savings. Managing inventory levels takes valuable time and resources, and shipping orders to multiple locations adds complexity.

With Tension’s Customer Inventory Management Website:

  • Tension produces and then stores your envelopes until you need them, providing a “just-in-time” inventory program.
  • You take advantage of ordering larger quantities of your envelopes.
  • Valuable resources like your time and warehouse space can be better utilized for your business.

You depend on your envelopes. They deliver important information into your customers’ hands quickly and reliably, and help you meet your mailing objectives. So it is imperative you know what envelopes you have on hand at all times and can have them delivered to you promptly.

How It Works

With Tension’s Customer Website, managing your inventory is easy. You order your desired initial production quantity and Tension stores what you don’t immediately use. Then Tension’s safe and secure customer website allows you to log in and monitor inventory by envelope type. When ready, you release your inventory and have the envelopes delivered where and when you need them. No phone call required – you access Tension’s password-encrypted system through the Internet.

Multiple Capabilities

Easy to access and use, the Tension Customer Website also allows you to:

  • Access the secure and encrypted website from any computer.
  • View inventory levels.
  • Submit inventory release requests electronically.
  • View your order, pending shipments and shipment information.
  • Track usage by order ID and 12-month shipping history.
  • Specify alternate shipping addresses.
  • View and print detailed management reports.
  • Receive email verification of all transactions.
  • And more.

Tension’s customer inventory management website is used daily by some of the leading companies in the country to manage their envelopes. Talk to your Tension Account Executive today about this high-value service provided by Tension Corporation.

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