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Paper is almost as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. It’s everywhere, serving us so often in nearly every aspect of our days that it can be easy to forget how much we rely on paper products.

That’s why Paper and Packaging Board launched “How Life Unfolds®.” Backed by federal legislation, this $100 million campaign is funded by almost 50 U.S. manufacturers and importers of paper and paper-based packaging. It serves to help stop the decline of paper use and increase the demand for paper-based packaging.

Paper Has a Lot of Character(s)

“How Life Unfolds” is centered around the ongoings of two animated characters made of paper and packaging. Together they’ve appeared in commercials, YouTube videos and magazines such as Forbes, Delta Sky, ESPN, HGTV Magazine and Parents Magazine. In January, they even graced the cover of US Weekly on the pre-Super Bowl issue.

“How Life Unfolds” is well on its way to becoming the next iconic checkoff campaign (remember “The Incredible, Edible Egg,” “Got Milk?” and “Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner”?). Most importantly, it’s working, reminding consumers that paper and paper products help us accomplish important things in our lives.

Paper Serves to Protect

First up: Paper packaging provides us peace of mind on the products we purchase. Amazon posted $60.5 billion in revenue for Q4 2017, and consumers continue to show preferences for the convenience, selection and availability the company offers. Packaging makes all of it possible, protecting products from gifts to groceries throughout the delivery chain.

I Remember That!

Paper also provides a medium for productive learning. In the mailing industry, experts point to direct mail as having the greatest impact because it offers a tangible experience for consumers. They’re able to understand and remember what they read on paper better than on a screen. Paper also makes new information easier to absorb and learn, so textbooks and paper planners are important for educational environments.

No, You Complete Me

Paper can be sentimental, too; it allows us to have strong connections to those we love. Greeting cards have become a novelty for younger consumers. Thank-you notes allow us to express heartfelt gratitude that seems more genuine than a text. Printed photographs allow us to physically capture loved ones (or beloved memories with them).

Don’t forget: Sealed custom envelopes hold the winning names at the Academy Awards, the Emmys and other attention-grabbing galas. No matter where you look, “The winner is … ” clearly paper and paper packaging. 

In an increasingly digital age, “How Life Unfolds” reminds us of the important role paper still plays in our lives. To learn more about the 2018 campaign, visit www.howlifeunfolds.com