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If you have ever received a bill in the mail, chances are you have held a #9 envelope in your hands. The #9 envelope is usually sent within another envelope (often a #10 envelope) and returned to the original sender by the recipient. The #9 envelope streamlines the return process by providing the vessel for a quick response from customers or donors.

#9 Envelope Size

Generally speaking, number 9 envelopes are smaller white envelopes designed to be inserted into a larger envelope.

There are two common types of #9: one is referred to as Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) and one is called Business Reply Mail (BRM). The choice between the two is at the discretion of the sender and is defined by who pays for the return postage.

How to Send a #9 Envelope for Business Reply Mail

When a CRM is sent, the recipient is the one who pays for the postage to return it back to the sender. The sender pays for the return postage on a BRM. For a sender to provide mail recipients with a BRM, they first need to set up a permit through the USPS®. Both CRM and BRM mailpieces are pre-addressed and include Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb), which qualify them for USPS automated mailings.

#9 Envelope Size

3.875 x 8.875

#9 envelopes are 3-7/8 x 8-7/8 in size and are one of the most popular commercial sized envelopes.

Tension produces many custom mailpieces and envelopes, and the #9 is no exception. It may surprise you to see that nowhere in the dimensions is the actual number “9,” but that is often the case for many of the naming conventions for other envelopes. Learn more common envelope sizes here.

Custom Number 9 Envelope Window Options

Because there is no standard size for a #9 envelope, there is also no standard window that comes with it (if a window is requested at all). While the distance between the window and the envelope fold must be at least one-half inch on the side and from the bottom, we can customize both the window size and shape on a number 9 envelope based on the customer’s specifications.

Who Sends a #9 Envelope? 

A #9 envelope can be sent by a variety of businesses or organizations such as banks, credit card companies, insurance agencies or nonprofits. Including a #9 envelope makes it easier for a customer or donor to return funds and could potentially lead to higher or faster rates of return.

Why Include a #9 Envelope? 

The easier it is for people to pay their bill or send in their donation, the greater the response could be from your mailing. For example, including a #9 eliminates the need for recipients to purchase their own envelope, which can slow down the response. The pre-addressed envelope also helps simplify the process for recipients and mailers can enjoy the expedited responses that come with the delivery speed of an automated mailing.

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