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Checks remain a secure form of payment that people have trusted for generations. While payment technology has evolved, many consumers and businesses trust the security that checks provide in an increasingly digital world. With improved and updated features, checks offered by Tension provide high security, popular colors and pantograph options.

Improved Security

Technology has come a long way since the first checks appeared in the United States near the end of the 17th century. The technology used to improve the security of checks has advanced quickly within the last decade. From the paper that checks are printed on to the ink used to print them, security is a top priority. With up to 19 available security features, Uncompromised Check Solutions provide more than enough of the needed features to qualify as a “high-security check.”

8 Standard Security Features of Uncompromised Check Solutions:

Paper Security Features

  1. Invisible Embedded Fibers: Ultraviolet, light-sensitive fibers in the paper stock that can be seen only under black light (ultraviolet light).
  2. Chemical Reactive Paper: Checks printed on this paper have a Chemical Wash Warning Box on the backer. The warning box calls the attention of the check verifier to the color of the check paper. Any discoloration within the box may indicate the check has been tampered with and should stop the verifier from processing the check.

Printed Security Features

  1. Thermochromic Ink: Used to print an image or icon that reacts to changes in temperature. If you touch or blow on an image printed in this ink it will disappear. After it cools, the image will reappear. A heat-reactive, thermochromic icon cannot be replicated on a color copier or laser printer.
  2. Warning Band: A warning band calls attention to security features used on the check.
  3. Microprint Endorsement Lines: Printed words so small they appear as a solid line.
  4. Diagonal Dimensional Backer: Different spacing of lines on the check backer deters alteration.
  5. Padlock Icon: Allowed by CPSA when checks have additional security features incorporated into the design, production or materials.
  6. Artificial Watermark: Prints an artificial watermark that copiers and scanners cannot read and copy.

Advanced MICR Technology

One of the security features of Tension’s Uncompromised Check Solutions is the use of MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) which is used to identify and process checks. The MICR is the line of characters that appear in the bottom left area of the check. The MICR consists of three groups of numbers: the bank routing number, the account number, and the check number. MICR numbers are designed to be readable by both individuals and sorting equipment. The magnetic ink enables a computer to quickly read and record the numbers on the checks. The biggest benefit of using MICR is that by using tamper-proof magnetic ink and unique fonts, it is very difficult to fraudulently alter checks.

Check Printing Solutions at Tension

Like all Tension products, customizations are readily available. Uncompromised Check Solutions from Tension are available in nine colors, including red, burgundy, blue, violet, brown, yellow, gray, green and teal. Tension’s checks are software compatible, meaning once the MICR and standard features are in place, printing a logo or any other information is a simple process. Be sure to visit our product page here to learn more about Uncompromised Check Solutions.

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