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Made of high-density polyethylene fibers, Tyvek® has introduced new dimensions of protection, security and safety in a wide variety of applications.” 

That’s how the innovators at Dupont describe Tyvek. When used for envelope applications, this heavy-duty lightweight can be huge for mailers. 

What are Tyvek Envelopes?  

Tyvek envelopes are tough, lightweight envelopes made with tear and moisture resistant material, offering security and protection for your most sensitive communications. 

Tyvek Envelope Sizes 

Because Tyvek envelopes are most often used to mail large, heavy documents, they often come in large and extra-large open end and open side envelope sizes, such as 6×9, 9×12 and 10×13.   

Tension specializes in custom envelope sizes for our entire product line. Tyvek envelopes from Tension are no different; they’re available in any size to fit your project needs. 

Hint: Check out our Common Envelope Sizes resource to determine the best envelope and insert sizes for your mailing. 

Tyvek Envelope Benefits 

Tension’s Tyvek envelopes offer mailers a tough mailpiece for confidential documents.  

  • Distinct Look and Feel: Tyvek envelopes aren’t constructed from paper, and offer recipients something haptically different. 
  • Easy to Print: These lightweight envelopes can be easily printed on to give the highest quality print for your mailpiece. 
  • Recyclable: Paper isn’t the only material #WeLove at Tension. If it’s recyclable (and Tyvek is a recyclable material!), it aligns with our commitment to sustainability.  
  • Tear and Moisture Resistant: Rest easy, your documents can be protected from the elements and sharp objects they may come across in the mailstream.  

Who Needs Tyvek Envelopes? 

Tyvek envelopes are ideal for: retailers or wholesalers who send large, heavy catalogs; insurance companies who send thick policy documents; financial companies who send year-end reports. Builders and construction companies also prefer Tyvek envelopes to protect important documents in environments where they’d otherwise be susceptible to the elements. 

Want More Information? 

Visit our custom-printed Tyvek envelopes product page for details, or contact us to find out more.