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Despite the modest dimensions, buck slips can be used as powerful, attention-grabbing devices to round out a direct mail package. The buck slip earned its name from its size, which is roughly the same as that of a U.S. dollar bill.

And they’re versatile. The small but mighty buck slip can be leveraged across industries to make a big impression, while keeping mailing costs down because they’re so lightweight. You can probably come up with dozens of clever uses for buck slips, but here are four ideas to get you started.

One: Promote a Limited-Time Offer or Reward

We spend a lot of time online, and many people are looking for more traditional ways to engage. Trends suggest the power of direct mail marketing remains strong, including among younger audiences. 57% of surveyed millennials say they have acted on a direct mail campaign.

Two: Launch a New Product, Location or Service

More brands are combining print media and new technologies to drive online traffic. In another recent survey, 84% of Gen Z respondents reported using a QR code from a direct mail piece to explore a brand’s products and news online, straight from their smartphones.

Three: Send a Product Message to Your Target Segment

More people expect a personalized experience from the brands and organizations they support. In fact, 76% of those surveyed said they feel frustrated when the communications they receive aren’t specific to their wants and needs. The same study discovered that those businesses that ditch the generic for a personal approach can realize as much as 40% more revenue than competitors that fail to do the same. 

Four: Reiterate — and Reinvigorate — Your Marketing Message

When writing to your customers, including a colorful insert can help communicate key messaging and even elicit a specific response. Color plays a major role in the consumer decision-making process. Whether you already know what design options resonate best with your audience — or want to test and find out — buck slips are a fantastic option for either.

Let Tension Help

Whatever your objective, buck slips are a great way to engage audiences without a big investment. Learn more about Tension buck slips and other direct mail inserts that can boost your brand and tie your messaging together — or contact us today to start your project.

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