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Aug. 27, 2011

Tension Packaging & Automation announces the launch of the new patent-pending Linear Dispensing Unit (Linus LDU) that solves the challenge of automatically dispensing medications packaged in irregularly shaped boxes and bottles.

The LINUS LDU enables high output mail order and central fill pharmacies to automate the dispensing, labeling and verification process for irregularly shaped products, and decreases the number of personnel needed for these tasks. This new product increases efficiencies and reduces costs across the pharmacy.

Historically, centralized pharmacies have used one of several dispensing and labeling models that employ a significant number of pharmacists and technicians to dispense, label and verify customer prescriptions. Each of these traditional methods involve trade-offs of automation versus manual activities. The partial solutions currently in use have left the pharmacy industry looking for a more complete solution for years. Tension now provides this solution.

“Tension’s new LINUS LDU is a game-changer in the industry,” said Ken Myers, Director – Packaging & Automation. “The speed and accuracy provided by the LINUS LDU, coupled with the broad range of products that can now be completely automated, creates significant opportunities for the pharmacy. The impact is not just at the workstation level. The efficiencies extend to affect both upstream and downstream activities, thereby increasing overall system effectiveness. At the end of the day, that means more prescriptions are dispensed at a higher rate and a reduced cost for the pharmacy.”

Tension Packaging & Automation is dedicated to continuous innovation and development. Its team of expert designers and engineers took the many challenges of dispensing irregularly shaped objects into consideration when creating the LINUS LDU to meet the needs of the pharmacy industry.

Accuracy was one area of concentration. The LINUS LDU uses the same multiple-step bar-code and RFID verification processes that are incorporated in Tension’s other industry-standard automation systems. Additionally, it has added new proprietary components that further ensure accuracy and supply new QA tools for the pharmacy. This multi-step approach complements the fact that much of the potential for human error has been eliminated, increasing the accuracy of the workstation and the overall pharmacy.

“The increase in accuracy, systemic savings and reduction in repetitive movements required have made the value of this system very evident to our customers,” said Brian Sullivan, National Accounts Manager for Pharmaceutical Automation. “Our pharmacy clients are constantly looking for ways to optimize their operations so they can provide a more compelling solution for the patients they serve. The LINUS LDUs that we have already sold in the marketplace have shown significant upside in the PBM and large pharmacy chain segment. Based on the initial response, I believe the LINUS LDU will become an industry standard used regularly by high output pharmacies.”

For more information on Tension Packaging & Automation’s new Linear Dispensing Unit contact Ken Myers at kmyers@tension.com or Brian Sullivan at bsullivan@tension.com.

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