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One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.   

At this year’s National Postal Forum, many mailing industry leaders cited the most recent direct mail statistic from the ANA DMA 2018 Response Rate Report: Direct mail garners a 9% response rate. This is up from 5.1% in 2017, and is more than 2.5 times the response rate of all digital communications combined.

Why? Mail is unique, tactile and can make a lasting impression on recipients in a way digital communication can’t.

What are Trailing Edge Die Cut Envelopes?

Tension’s Trailing Edge die cut envelopes are no exception. They feature an extended rectangle or partial circle on the left edge of the envelope, setting them apart from the crowd. And there’s more to Trailing Edge envelopes than looks: They’re designed to run smoothly from printing and inserting to sorting and delivery.

Trailing Edge Die Cut Envelope Benefits

By design, Trailing Edge die cut envelopes offer mailers a different approach to envelope shapes. This can help provide your campaign with:

  • Distinction – The envelopes give your mailing a not-so-ordinary look and feel.
  • Options – The creative possibilities on how to incorporate a shape, color and copy into your design and offer are endless.
  • Efficiencies – With Trailing Edge envelopes, Tension can design and print your envelope and its contents – from the inside out.
  • Seamless operations – Trailing Edge envelopes are designed with insertion compatibilities.
  • Approval – These envelopes have been fully tested and approved by the USPS®.

Who Needs Trailing Edge Die Cut Envelopes?

Trailing Edge die cut envelopes are ideal for marketers who want to move the mark. The unique, eye-catching shape of the Trailing Edge envelope can help attract the attention of recipients and drive response for campaigns.

Survive the mailbox sort and test Trailing Edge envelopes in your next campaign.

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