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One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.        

In a report released in June 2021 by Interpublic Group’s Matterkind and MAGNA, it was reported that on average, people spent more than 8 minutes opening and reading mail in 2020, an increase from 5.8 minutes in 2019.

With more time being spent with mail, now is the perfect time to capitalize on the ever-important first impression with customers. Tension’s eye-catching Trailing Edge envelope has a distinct design, with an extended shape such as a rectangle or partial circle on the left edge. Other shapes are also an option, as long as they are approved by the USPS®. This design instantly captures the customer’s attention and may also help achieve better response rates.

The Details

The Trailing Edge envelope design stands out among a stack of traditional envelopes and is USPS approved*. Use this opportunity to leave a memorable impression on your customer. Here are a few quick facts about Trailing Edge envelopes:

  • The envelope has a shape, either a rectangle, circle or another USPS®-approved shape, on the trailing edge (to the left of the address).
  • The trailing edge has a welded seam that is die cut into a unique shape, adding interest and appeal, especially for Marketing Mail®.
  • The envelope must maintain both right angle corners on the trailing edge of the envelope, with the die cut placed at least .3 inches from either corner.
  • There is a maximum width of 5/8 inch beyond the defined corners for the die cut shape and a minimum height for the shape of one inch.

Trailing Edge Features

Key features of Trailing Edge envelopes include:

  • USPS®approved design*
  • Unique look and feel
  • Highly customizable
  • Stands out in the mailbox
  • Inserter-friendly design

Want More Information?

Make your message a little more “edgy” with the Trailing Edge envelope from Tension. Contact us to get started today or check our product page for more details.

* Always work with your Tension Sales Associate to ensure that designs are up to date in order to be USPS approved.