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One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.     

You’ve just wrapped up a successful initial meeting with an important prospect. As you strategize scenarios for your next follow up, there may be a way to stick around in the interim with a sticky notepad. 

What are Sticky Notepads?    

Sticky notepads are promotional products that can be used to boost your brand awareness or be used internally as giveaways. They are highly customizable, available in many different colors, shapes, sizes and even levels of adhesion, and can feature variable print messaging on individual notes within the pad. 

Sticky Notepad Benefits   

Use sticky notepads as your brand-boosting sales assist:   

  • Customizable: Change the color, text, size, images or adhesion level to suit your needs. 
  • Creates connection: Leave a lasting, physical reminder of you and your brand. 
  • Brand building: Include a logo or company tagline to further market your brand. 
  • Personalization options: Mix things up with variable print messages on the notepad. 
  • Stands out: Leave behind a useful gift for your prospect’s desk. 

Who Needs Sticky Notepads?   

Sticky notepads are ideal items for sales professionals to leave behind with a prospect or customer after a meeting. And with customization that allows for your logo or contact information to be printed on the sticky notepad, it’s a great way to “stick around” as a reminder for your contact. 

Sticky notepads are great for internal teams, too. Marketing departments can distribute them as souvenir gifts for visitors, human resources can hand them out as employee gifts to boost morale and just about any department can use the sticky notes for brainstorming sessions to help organize thoughts and ideas. 

Want More Information?   

Stick around in the minds of important colleagues with a note from a sticky notepad. Visit our product page for details, or contact us to find out more.