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One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.

Heavy Duty, Tear & Water-Resistant Envelopes

The premise is simple: You need a heavy-duty envelope that protects sensitive documents. It needs to be resistant to outside elements. It can’t be prohibitively expensive. You need it to work on your inserting machines.

Tension’s Protec envelopes have been created with all those needs in mind.

What Are Protec Envelopes?

On the outside, Protec envelopes look like any other envelope. They can be made in the shapes and sizes that you order regularly, but it’s their tear-and-moisture-resistant paper that makes them unique.

Protec Envelope Features

Key features of Protec envelopes include:

  • Superior substrate – no long fibers or composite material are visible
  • Outstanding printing capabilities
  • Moisture and tear resistant, even with the heaviest documents
  • Material is neither bulky nor heavy
  • Can be recycled after use
  • Soft to the touch
  • Three-ply paper (paper-plastic-paper), giving it its unique and durable qualities

Who Needs Protec™ Envelopes?

Protec™ is frequently used by the financial and insurance industries so that their customers’ sensitive material is protected. It is also ideal for mailers sending heavy documents.

What We Are Hearing

  • “My customers who have used Tyvek in the past are the best fit for this product,” says Scott Price, Tension Senior Account Executive. “Protec™ offers many of the same advantages without the higher price tag and insertion challenges.”
  • Toby Reed, Tension Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explains, “Tension’s advancements in manufacturing allows us to manufacture best-in-class envelopes using best-in-class paper. While we have been producing these types of envelopes for a while, we are happy to formally launch Protec™.”

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