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One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.

Tension’s Peel and Reveal mailpieces offer a cool interactive feature for mail recipients Take a look and see what they can reveal for your marketing efforts.


At first glance, Peel and Reveal mailpieces look like a standard mailer. The front provides a nice “billboard” to display product images, and the back can feature additional information about your business.  The difference its unparalleled “wow” factor: the recipient peels back a thin layer of adhesive paper to reveal a second message about your company and products.

Peel and Reveal Key Features Include:

  • The recipient is encouraged to remove the top layer, providing an additional area for your message and graphics.
  • Its tactical interaction encourages recipients to stay engaged.
  • The Peel and Reveal is a unique product offering – it will stand out in the mailbox.
  • Personalization is possible on the front and back.
  • USPS-approved for Automation Letter Rates.

Who Needs Peel and Reveal?

Peel and Reveal is ideal for direct mailers looking for an innovative way to get their customers’ or potential customers’ attention.

Suggestions for Select Industries:

Financial/banking Industry

Encourage recipients to “Peel and Reveal for Your Special Deal!”

Home Improvement Industry

Display colorful photos of before and after remodeling/landscaping/siding projects.

Real Estate Industry

Tease the customer by having them peel to see the beautiful new homes in their neighborhood.

Jewelry Industry

Show this season’s hot new looks underneath the layer of adhesive.

Want More Information?

Visit our Peel and Reveal product page for more details, or contact us to find out more.