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One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.

We’ve talked about the 3:33 rule:  You’ve got three minutes for your mailpiece to get noticed, get opened, and get reviewed. Tension’s Hot Note® envelopes can provide just the ocular whiplash you are looking for.

The Hot Note encourages your recipient to interact with the envelope longer than a plain envelope, and longer interaction can lead to a higher likelihood of your direct mail piece being opened.


The Hot Note features a removable sticky note that can be printed and cut into a variety of shapes. The note can then be reaffixed to computer screens, refrigerators, cabinets – wherever the recipient wants to put this convenient reminder. The Hot Note can be created on all typical envelope sizes.

Hot Note Key Features Include:

  • Hot Notes feature a built-in self-stick note that is easy to remove and reposition.
  • The repositional note is highly customizable, making it easy for you to align it with your campaign goals and brand standards.
  • It engages the reader more than a typical envelope, leading to longer interaction.
  • It is a unique envelope that stands out in the mailbox.

Who Needs Hot Notes?

Hot Notes are great for getting attention, and are particularly useful if you want the recipient to remember a phone number or special deal.

What We Like about Hot Notes

  • Special shapes: Lending institutions can use house-shaped sticky notes as a clever way to advertise home loans.
  • Reveals: Clear film can be placed behind the Hot Note so the recipient sees a second message once they remove the Hot Note.
  • Colors: A yellow color wash mimics the common sticky note, creating an immediately recognizable image.

Want More Information?

Visit our Hot Note product page for more details, or contact us to find out more.