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One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.      

Your business is unique. How you operate, market and communicate with your customers should reflect your brand in a similar way from your first conversation to the forms and labels they receive from you.  

What are Forms and Labels?     

Forms and labels are materials that communicate information about your brand. They can be used to communicate account information to your customers while boosting your brand awareness. Because they are highly customizable – available in many different colors, shapes and sizes with variable print options – forms and labels can be used for just about any application.  

Forms and Label Benefits    

Use forms and labels to communicate and distribute important information to your audience. Our extensive line of both stock and custom imprinted business forms and labels can accommodate your needs. 

  • Customizable: Change the color, shape, text and size to suit your needs.  
  • Brand-builder: Include your logo, tagline or brand colors to build awareness. 
  • Innovative print: Ultraviolet (UV), 4-color process and variable print options are available for numbers, text and images. 

Does your business have a need for custom integrated forms and labels on invoices, service documents or customer orders? Combine forms and labels to help streamline operations with one vendor.  

Who Needs Forms and Labels? 

Tension’s forms and labels can be customized for any business in any industry. Marketing, sales, customer service departments in automotive, financial, insurance, retail, floral, healthcare, pharmacy, manufacturing, government and other industries can benefit from the wide range of forms, labels and integrated options available.   

Want More Information?    

Give your audience a positive impression of your brand with custom forms and labels. Visit our product page for details, or look in our brochure for more ideas on how other types of print marketing can benefit your brand. Contact us to find out more.