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One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.

Direct mail is alive and well, as evidenced by all the positive attention it has received over the past few years. Look at the numbers, and you’ll see that direct mail pulls a higher response rate than any digital direct marketing medium1. That has direct mail professionals cheering, and for good reason: They’re well-versed in response rates and the specific types of direct mailers that work best for their audiences.

Tension offers many direct mail options in our beyond the envelope suite such as personalized forms, inserts and more. Depending on your specific needs, we can help find a solution that encompasses part or all of your direct mail project. And with our depth of envelope specification knowledge, we can find a solution that works upfront (versus trying to retrofit components later on).

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Keep it Personal with Forms

Personalized forms containing the name and specific details about your recipient can drive response. And adding personalization using more sophisticated data can increase response by up to 500%2. You can use demographics, purchase/donation histories and behaviors on your form to personalize it beyond just adding someone’s first name. (e.g., “Suzy, thank you for your donation of $100 last month!).

Insert Your Opportunities Here

One-panel inserts or “buckslips” and two-panel inserts or “lift notes” are great ways to highlight an important feature of your mail campaign. Buckslips can be added to your statement mailer as a way to announce competitive new finance rates, and could turn your bill into a new loan opportunity. “Lift notes” can work nicely for insurance or policy mailers who want to include something extra that pops, such as a thank-you note from the company president. And in the theme of gratitude, personalized “freemiums” such as bumper stickers can be a nice way to recognize your customers by their name (again, using personalization to drive response).

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1 – DMA “Response Rate Report” 2017.

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