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One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.        

Earlier this year, the Paper and Packaging Board published an article describing how “paper has an outstanding sustainability story to tell.” In short, paper is one of the most sustainable materials on our planet.  

In addition to responsible forestry practices that led to a 23% industry reduction in greenhouse emissions since 2005, paper is recyclable. In some products, such as our ALTA reusable eco-friendly, it is also reusable. 

What are ALTA Envelopes?       

ALTA reusable envelopes are two-way envelopes specifically designed as a send and return envelope in one. They are available as stock or custom envelopes. 

The ALTA envelope design features a perforated mechanism on the lower part of the face of the envelope that creates a top flap for the back side of the envelope (converting it into a return envelope). ALTA eliminates your need for a BRE or CRE reply envelope. 

ALTA Envelope Benefits      

In addition to its positive environmental impact, ALTA eco envelopes tout a variety of other benefits:   

  • Inserter-friendly: These sustainable envelopes were designed with high-speed inserting equipment in mind.   
  • Centralized Production: Produced in our Des Moines plant, the ALTA eco envelopes are centrally located for reduced shipping costs across the nation.  
  • Different: An ALTA envelope easily stands out in the mailbox as a unique mailpiece.

Who Needs ALTA Two-way Mailpieces?   

ALTA eco envelopes are ideal for many mail applications such as bills, statements, direct marketing, fundraising and other consumer communications. Essentially, if you communicate through the mail, these sustainable envelopes have the potential to benefit your organization.  

Want More Information?      

Make your environmental impact a positive one with an ALTA eco envelope. Contact us to get started today, or check our product page for more details.