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Direct mail is still one of, if not, the most effective ways to elicit a response from audiences. A recent study found that 61% of consumers find printed materials to be the most trustworthy form of marketing. It’s a tangible item, delivered straight to your door just for you. Research shows that 92% of consumers believe that direct mail is more effective than digital advertising. With a nuanced “phygital” approach that marries the thoughtfulness of direct mail with the convenience of digital engagement, mailers can maneuver these obstacles and transform their customer experience

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Coined in 2007 by an advertising professional, “phygital” (physical + digital) marketing is where direct mail incorporates elements of technology to support digital engagement. With so much content available online, audiences are becoming fatigued in the digital space. 60% of B2B marketing, sales and CX (customer experience) professionals surveyed agree that audiences are fatigued by increased virtual engagement efforts.

While digital marketing is ideal for delivering new, immersive experiences, direct mail can really capture attention and is easier to share or think over with others. 88% of key retail, financial and automotive purchases are discussed at home. Direct mail pieces give recipients a reason to talk over offers before making a big decision.

Most people only receive a few mail pieces each day, increasing the likelihood that yours will be seen. One report found that as much as 80-90% of direct mail is opened. Consumers are a mixed bag — what hooks one person goes unnoticed by another. That’s why a “phygital” approach is so powerful. By providing different ways to easily engage with content, brands are more likely to offer something that resonates, even among diverse audiences.

There’s a common misconception that direct mail is dead. Yet, 71% of survey respondents said they’re excited to discover what the mail brings every day. Robust response rates and positive user feedback like this prove that direct mail isn’t dead—it’s evolving. Mailers can evolve with it by leveraging direct mail’s tangible power and inherent trust to kickstart conversations, while also integrating new technologies to drive meaningful engagement that converts.

where print and digital meet

Download Tension’s “Phygital Marketing: Where Print and Digital Meet” white paper to learn more about this marketing strategy.

Stay tuned for part two in our ‘Phygital’ series!

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