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When considering printing options for statements and other monthly mailings, flexographic printing remains a solid choice. It’s a great option for long-run envelope jobs, offering a wide range of paper and color choices and economical solutions.

On the other hand, when it’s time to create a direct marketing piece that stands out from the mailbox crowd, lithographic printing continues to gain favor – with good reason. Envelopes printed lithographically, or printed offset, benefit from an indirect inking process that enables the representation of complex images very well. The resulting vivid colors and clean details add eye-catching impact to photographs, and fine screens.

Lithography’s Picture Perfect Images

For example, if your direct mail envelope includes images with people, food, jewelry or scenery, lithography helps ensure that the photographs pop and the details are clear. Lithography also delivers optimum results when you’re highlighting products, free gifts and other offer elements on the envelope.

Color Works Overtime for Direct Mail Envelopes

Full-color litho printing does more than differentiate your envelope from flexographic mailings. The color created with litho technology draws the eye and evokes emotions, making an instant connection between your envelope and your audience.

>A variety of research indicates that “living color” brings new life to marketing materials:

  • 69% of consumers, almost 7 out of 10, are more likely to open envelopes with color graphics and text1
  • Color increases retention by 18%2
  • Color increases the tendency to act by 26%3
  • Consistent use of color increases brand recognition by as much as 80%4

In terms of consistent corporate branding and logo reproduction, lithography excels, providing the high-quality color that leads to recognition, awareness and action – all at affordable rates.

After You Read, Research

A/B testing can be a marketer’s best friend when looking to improve responses. Testing paper types is no exception. It can help illustrate the lift a good envelope will give you.

Learn More About Litho Envelopes

Your Tension representative can help you explore how you can begin using these strategies in your next mailing. Contact us to start the conversation today.


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