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One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.    

Mail is not a one-size-fits-all business. Some projects call for a #10 envelope and some require larger envelope sizes, like a 9×12 commercial envelope. Regardless of envelope size, Tension produces custom envelopes based on specific customer requirements. 

In an inserting environment, envelope sizesseams, angles and flaps are especially critical specifications to consider, and they are featured on Tension’s Performance Plus envelopes.   

What Is a Performance Plus Envelope?   

Tension’s Performance Plus™ envelopes are designed specifically for high-speed inserters. They feature an angled shoulder, a scooped throat and a contoured flap – all specifications critical to maximize inserting performance. 

Performance Plus Envelope Sizes for Mail Inserters  

While Performance Plus envelopes are already designed to be compatible with multiple inserting platforms, they can be customized depending on specific inserter requirements. Our custom approach to envelope manufacturing allows us to alter the size, shoulder, throat and flap as needed to best meet the needs of the specific inserting environment.  

Pro Tip: Talk with a Tension sales expert about how to maximize your inserter throughput. We work to develop an envelope design optimal for your inserting platform to increase efficiency and reduce your cost per inserted mail piece.

Performance Plus Envelope Benefits  

Tension’s Performance Plus envelopes aim to maximize inserter runtime and boost productivity. 

  • It Keeps You Running: These envelopes are engineered with transition points, shoulder angles, throats and overlaps ideal for insertion. 
  • Speeds Up the Remittance Process: Precision gumming helps remittance checks go in the envelope instead of getting caught in the side-seams. 
  • Avoids Snagging: The side-seam overlap profiles are designed to travel through USPS® automation equipment without snagging. 

Who Needs Performance Plus?  

Performance Plus envelopes are ideal for anyone who needs a high-performing envelope for insertion projects: financial and insurance companies or third-party mailers who send bills, statements or marketing materials can benefit from the design of Performance Plus envelopes. 

Want More Information?  

Visit our Performance Plus product page for details, or contact us to find out more.