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Did you know that 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer matching gift programs?

Participation in gift matching programs has great potential for nonprofits or higher education institutions, as it could double their fundraising efforts.

What is Gift Lift™?

Tension’s Gift Lift™ gift matching program helps nonprofits facilitate gift matching opportunities from their donors’ employers in a way that is seamless, simple and effective.

How Gift Lift™ Works

Working with a trusted partner, Tension appends employer data to a database of your existing donors. This file is then compared to a list of employers who are known to match employee gifts.

As a result, you’ll receive a list of donors currently employed by companies who will match their charitable contributions.

This process has three distinct data elements:

1. Email

  • E-Match – Tension identifies and appends donor email addresses to your donor list

2. Employment Information

  • Employer Find – Employer information of your donors is identified and appended
  • LinkedIn added as a source to gain updated employment information

Matching Gift Information

  • AutoMatch – Screens a non-profit’s donor database against an employer matching gift database.
  • Screening – This allows you to electronically match employer names against a proprietary database of matching gift companies and provides you with details on their matching gift program, including eligibility, and acquire the individual’s matching gift form from their employer. This will be either a link to the form or Tension will acquire the PDF of the form from their actual employer.

Tension can then handle the production, printing and mailing of a personalized direct mail appeal that includes the matching gift forms of each respective donor’s employer along with a convenient return envelope.  It’s a win-win for you and your donors.

Fundraising Envelopes for Different Occasions

The Gift Lift™ program works great for nonprofits and universities. Garnering alumni donation is a major fundraising goal for universities and maintaining a relationship with past, current and future donors is important for nonprofits. Below are just a few occasions that Tension can help with:

Contact Tension

Tension understands the importance of the trust you’ve developed with your donors over time. Gift Lift™ can provide a convenient way for your best donors to take advantage of employer matching gift opportunities they may not even know exist. Contact us today to learn more about this program and how you can get started.