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Direct mail works. It’s that simple. Knowing how, when and why to use a mailpiece? Not so simple. This series is here to help you gain an understanding of the two most popular direct mail formats – envelopes and postcards. 

Integrating Digital with Direct Mail

Direct mail has become a novelty in our digital age, standing apart as unique, physical communication. When envelope or postcard direct mail is integrated with a digital campaign, the results can be exponential – this Forbes article cites how a high-end direct mailpiece that features a mini tablet inside can lift response by 10 times. 

Let’s look at envelope and postcard direct mail formats, and what they represent. 

Custom Envelopes

The Envelope: A Marketing Classic 

First up: The envelope. It’s the classic direct mail package. It can also be described as a solo mailing. No matter your nomenclature, it provides a private means to send your message and carry any needed components. 

Most commonly, an envelope mailing consists of an outer envelope, letter, brochure, “lift note” and reply vehicle (e.g., business reply mail), and other inserts such as freemiums. A mailing usually has a singular focus on one product or service, or one fundraising appeal if you are a nonprofit mailer. 

Postcard Direct Mail

The Postcard: Instant Communication Gratification

Postcards offer recipients an immediate way to receive your message. They also offer marketers two sides to showcase their design and offer, on the front and back.  

Postcards can be any size that meets USPS® standards for mail processing, yet some sizes may require more postage than others (which could ultimately break your campaign budget – be sure to check postage requirements). 

Download Tension’s Envelope vs. Postcard White Paper 

Need a helping hand to guide you in your direct mail marketing endeavors? Download Tension’s “Envelope vs. Postcard” white paper today for helpful tips on how to successfully use a mailpiece in your integrated campaign. 

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