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We’re fresh off our week at the 13th annual Bridge Conference, “The Art and Science of Fundraising and Marketing,” and we’ve got science on our brains. We learned so many insights about neuromarketing – the study of how the brain responds to marketing stimuli – and how it can drive results for your marketing campaign.

Neuromarketing confirms that direct mail is an ideal medium that resonates with donors. This is something we heard over and over in conversations at The Bridge. It provides a palette to appeal to donor senses with colors, textures and even scents. And with that level of introduction, direct mail sets up a solid foundation for your fundraising campaign.

Here’s what the fundraising experts at The Bridge had to say about neuromarketing and direct mail:

Start Your Campaign with an Appealing Envelope

An envelope can represent your first chance to make a good impression: it’s visual, tactile and allows for plenty of personalization opportunities outside and inside the envelope (hint: these are all forms of neuromarketing that can help drive response):

  • Outer envelope: Use personalization in addressee area or teaser copy to help donors open the envelope and read what’s inside.
  • Inside envelope: Include personalization by mentioning the donor’s name in the body of the direct mail letter and on the actual offer when possible.

For more tips on direct mailpiece copy placement, download our guide on “Maximizing Donor Communications.”

Offer Donors Sincere Appreciation

Donors are a vital part of your organization, and a strong offer can help them feel that way.

We heard from a Bridge speaker who offered donors a freemium poster in the direct mailpiece as appreciation for being a past donor, along with a form for an exclusive offer for a shiny, gold commemorative coin they could receive in exchange for a new donation. If someone wanted to claim the exclusive coin offer, they needed to physically peel a shiny, gold sticker from the offer letter and place it on a pledge form with a donation amount.

This campaign had great overall success. It gave donors unexpected, special offerings and deployed lots of neuromarketing tactics, such as shiny gold visuals and the interaction with the sticker.

Reinforce Messaging with Integrated Marketing

An integrated marketing campaign reinforces your message. One Bridge speaker described a successful integrated campaign that began with a direct mailpiece. It was followed by an email that featured identical copy, personalization, images, layout and offer. This integration gave recipients multiple opportunities to receive the organization’s message and a way to consume a consistent, visual look through different channels (yes, more neuromarketing!).

Give your next campaign a solid foundation with neuromarketing and direct mail. Tension is well versed in how a strong mailpiece can drive results for your fundraiser. Contact us today to get started.