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Booklets have long been used by the banking industry, financial institutions (think credit card companies) and others to deliver key product information. They’re great educational tools, able to deliver important content succinctly. Perhaps, best of all, businesses have considerable freedom when it comes to layout and design. Tension’s National Category Sales Manager of Printed Products  Mike Desmarais gives an inside look at our booklet offerings.

Booklet 101: What Are They?

Booklets are definable more so by their physical properties than use. Although their dimensions vary, booklets from Tension are never more than 26 inches wide when open, and they’re smaller than an actual book. Typically, they’re made up of a stack of two or more sheets of letter-sized paper, folded in half. If you’re trying to picture this, think of a recipe booklet, CD insert or account summary.

They also have a low page count, are always bound and have a soft cover. But their greatest feature? You can design them however you want:

  • Tension can produce 2-, 4- and 8-page booklets inline.
  • These booklets are bound with a spine glue as opposed to staples.
  • We can print 8 to 10 colors.
  • Tension booklets can be printed on 35# offset to 10-point substrates, both coated and uncoated.
  • Typically, booklets are packaged and delivered in a carton or as a gaylord.

Regardless of your selections, you’ll enjoy speedy, high-quality production thanks to our lithographic printing process.

How to Use Booklets to Your Advantage

Single-sheet brochures are fantastic for simple promotions. But when you need more than short and sweet, booklets offer a lot of benefits, including:

  • Although concise, there is enough space to share a thorough summary and important product terms and conditions.
  • Booklets are an economical option so you can communicate a lot on a budget.
  • The standard size booklet, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, can mail at the regular postage rate.

Booklets have proven effective in industries like banking, nonprofit and architecture and design. But their versatility makes booklets applicable across the board. If you have questions about booklet printing, pricing or customization, contact us today.

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