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I recently had the opportunity to speak to members of the Kansas City Mail Systems Management Association (KCMSMA) about the use of color, texture and images to make the most of your envelope.

I’ve spent 30 years in the mailing industry, and must say, now is a great time to be in this industry!  The use of direct mail is on the rise, and messages on envelopes are becoming more sophisticated as competition increases among different forms of communication.

I like to tell customers that envelopes are a quick, monthly meeting with their customers.  It’s a quick meeting because research tells us we have a mere 3 seconds or less for an envelope to stand out and stay out of the trash.

Whether you’re sending direct or transactional/statement mail, the use of color, texture and images can help engage mail recipients and encourage them to act.

Here are four of my favorite tips to get your envelope noticed in a crowded mailbox:

Maximize Your White Space

When sending a bill or statement, the outer envelope offers a chance to promote your brand, cross-sell a product, or up-sell a different product through a “transpromotional” message on the outer portion.

You Got the Feeling

Years ago I worked with a customer who wanted to purchase high-end, expensive paper to help their envelopes stand out.  Instead, we created a much less expensive but equally appealing option – an embossed envelope, and the results were very successful.

Get Involved

Engage the recipient to act through the use of involvement devices. Recently I worked with an education customer to improve program enrollments. We decided to use Tension’s Hot Note®, which is an envelope with a sticky note embedded on the front that can be peeled away for use.  Getting the end customer involved with the envelope resulted in a campaign so successful it ran for years.  Talk about #AdviceThatSticks!

Let’s Connect

Last and maybe most exciting, the envelope offers an opportunity to combine physical and digital communications. QR and Augmented Reality (AR) Codes have become hugely popular, especially with millennials.  They offer the mail recipient a chance to physically see and feel the message, and enjoy technology they’ve used throughout their lives in an interactive manner.

Some of the designs mentioned here may fall under the USPS 2016 Promotions & Incentives.  Visit our website for more details.  You can also download Tension’s popular white paper on How to Create Successful Direct Mail Envelopes for more ideas.