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Mail is the power communicator: Transactional mail – pieces like bills, invoices and statements – represents the most read and opened pieces of mail. A whopping 96% of people open and read bills1.  

Combine the impact of transactional mail with opportunities to save with two of the remaining USPS 2020 Promotions – Informed Delivery® and Personalized Color Transpromo promotions. 

Personal and Colorful 

At Tension, we often say your transactional mailpiece represents an opportunity for a monthly meeting with your customer. Make the most of your meeting by featuring 1) transpromotional messaging, or promotional offers included inside your transactional mailpiece, with impactful 2) full color and personalization.  

Here are some ways transactional mailers can include promotional messages on bills, statements and invoices inside the mailpiece: 

  • Include imagery that complements communications about your customer reward programs. 
  • Include personalized data to show the customer’s name, the time remaining on their warranty and a special offer to extend it. 
  • Feature a complimentary product or service on your onsert. For example, an insurance company could show an offer for identity protection services on the statement. 

Promotional Details: The Personalized Color Transpromo promotion offers mailers the opportunity to earn discounts when they incorporate color, dynamic print and personalization on bills and statements and is open for registration now through the promotion’s end on Dec. 31. Download our white paper for more details. 

Inform and Deliver with Transactional Mail 

usps 21 transactional mail

Informed Delivery is garnering unprecedented engagement from recipients: More than 20 million Americans have registered for Informed Delivery® from the USPS. Among that group, 63% open digital email previews of their mail daily (mail open rates hover around 21%, on average).   

Transactional mailers, this is your cue to act: Plan an integrated campaign that features Informed Delivery.  

My local utility company recently ran an Informed Delivery promotion with a ride-along image prompting me to manage my account. Once I clicked the URL, I was taken to the utility’s website where I could view and pay my bill. Later that day, I retrieved my mail and saw the physical mailpiece from the utility company in my mailbox with my monthly statement. In less than a day, I had three engagements with my utility company regarding my account and a call to action (to pay the bill).  
Promotional Details
The USPS 2020 Informed Delivery promotion offers mailers the opportunity to earn discounts through an Informed Delivery campaign and is open for registration now through the promotion’s end on Nov. 30. Download our white paper for more details. 

Take Your Transactional Mail to the Next Level 

Explore opportunities to incorporate USPS Promotions & Incentives on your transactional mail with the Personalized Color Transpromo and Informed Delivery promotions. Looking to learn more about how it’s done? Connect with a Tension sales expert today.  


1 – Elke Reuning-Elliott, “Mailing Bills and Statements? How to Get the Most for Your Money,” NPF Presentation, May 2017.